Design Team

Ryan loves solving problems and leading a highly creative team. You can find him after hours in the shop, wrenching on an old car or sewing up a new backpack. He’s also game for any outdoor adventure.

Ryan Bailey

Design Director

Steven is a highly creative and passionate designer with gearhead tendencies. With a background in industrial and transportation design, he relishes any opportunity to design something fast.

Steven Bockmann

Creative Director

Karen has nine years of experience creating graphics and branding at Laut Design. When she’s not drooling over logo design, you can find her crocheting or spending time on the lake with her family.

Karen Widman

Creative Director

Prasad loves creative problem solving and designing meaningful products. He has a background in mechanical engineering, and in his free time, he is most likely to be found somewhere in the mountains!

Prasad Joshi

Senior Industrial Designer

Marty is a well-rounded senior industrial designer who has both international corporate and consultancy work experience. He believes design is like cooking; delivering the right thing to the right customer at the right time.

Marty Ma

Senior Industrial Designer

Logan is a creative problem solver and designer. He enjoys taking on challenges and is often looking for new and exciting ways to express his creativity. In his free time, he enjoys being with his wife, reading, and hiking.

Logan Price

Staff Industrial Designer

Jordan is a Web Specialist with a BS in Computer Science from UNCW and a certificate in Digital Marketing from UNC. He enjoys the challenge of merging optimized code and effortless user experiences.

Jordan Smith

Staff Web Specialist

Charlie is an engineer, maker, and lifelong learner. A jack of many trades and master of some, he most enjoys watching a prototype come together. Aside from making, you might find him on a surfboard, snow skis, or anywhere in between.

Charlie Horvath

Staff Design Engineer

Jihoon believes that the essence of design is a value proposition to consumers visually, physically, and emotionally. He is always keeping his eyes on new trends and fads.

Jihoon Kim

Staff Industrial Designer

Zach is an Industrial Designer with a background in model-making and fine woodworking. At Laut, he loves getting his hands dirty in the shop to bring prototypes to life. Outside of work, he can most likely be found biking or surfing with his toddler and wife.

Zach Buerkle

Staff Industrial Designer

Emma is a UX/UI Designer who has a passion for shaping and creating experiences that help users accomplish their goals seamlessly. She is an explorer, an artist, and a book lover.

Emma Campbell

Staff UX/UI Designer

Randy is an experienced brand identity designer that enjoys seeing concepts come to life. He enjoys spending his free time with his wife and three kids, training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and being active in his community.

Randy Dunson

Staff Graphic Designer

Coming from a Visual Arts background, Jack particularly loves the storytelling aspect of Industrial Design. He is continuing his mission to learn how to make anything he can imagine. When off mission, you’ll find him catching up on Film, TV, and Games or trying to spend as much time outside as possible.

Jack Wilcox

Junior Industrial Designer

Erfan is a creative Industrial Designer with both undergraduate and graduate degrees in industrial design. With a deep passion for exploring the future through the lens of the past, he excels in collaborative environments where innovative ideas thrive. When he’s not in the studio, Erfan can often be found wrenching on his old car, a beloved project that he shows, drives, and inevitably repairs.

Erfan Sheidaei

Industrial Design Intern

Daniel loves the process of putting together the artistic and the technical aspects of industrial design. He is in a loop of building new woodworking tools to make more woodworking tools; we wonder if he will ever get back to furniture making! When he is not in the shop, he is riding his bike around downtown Raleigh.

Daniel Stott

Industrial Design Intern

When not wrenching on something old and rusty, Mark is collecting antiques for friends or inventing new shop tools. If it were healthy to have a weekly tetanus shot, our fabricator extraordinaire would be first in line.

Mark Hill

Fabricator / Director of Rad

Administration Team

Mike is a designer and fabricator, professor, and entrepreneur. His expertise is focused on defense, medical, and consumer devices and brands, building creative teams, and other entrepreneurial activity.

Mike Laut

Founder & CEO

Mark is an experienced entrepreneur with an extensive background in consumer product marketing and finance. At Laut Design, he loves finding new growth opportunities and connecting great brands with our incredible team. Outside of work, he can be found hiking, playing/watching/coaching soccer, and traveling with his wife and two kids.

Mark Saad


Jessie provides detail focused project support for both teams. She has a BFA in studio art and photography from ECU and experience in graphic printing. When she is not at Laut, you can find her on adventures with her husband and dog.

Jessie Cox

Project Manager

Sonja enjoys strategic thinking. Her background is in education and design thinking. When not managing projects, Sonja can be found outside with her family or discovering new craft skills and recipes

Sonja McKay

Project Manager

With an education degree from NC State, Callie takes pride in supporting others. She enjoys traveling and connecting with family and friends. After hours, she will likely be spending time outside or cooking!

Callie Kirsch

Office Administrator

Tim is a seasoned HR professional with extensive experience helping organizations succeed via their most valuable asset – people. He understands that design thinking is critical to developing meaningful employee experiences that empower critical thinking, teamwork, innovation, and overall success. His free time is spent working on DIY home projects or hunting for great Bourbon.

Tim Wadford

HR Consultant

Laura contributes to business development and customer relationships at Laut Design. When she isn’t out seeking new design opportunities, she is teaching elementary students how to read. She’s earned both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Education at North Carolina State University. Laura is a serial hobbyist, so when she’s not at the office, you’ll find her in her garden, playing with her kids, riding her bike, diving, climbing, fusing glass, attempting pottery, traveling, or running.

Laura Laut

Business Development

  • Guest Reception
  • Asset Retrieval
  • Janitorial Services

Opal Laut

Studio Dog

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