Design Team

Ryan loves solving problems and leading a highly creative team. You can find him after hours in the shop, wrenching on an old car or sewing up a new backpack. He’s also game for any outdoor adventure.

Ryan Bailey

Creative Director

Steven is a highly creative and passionate designer with gearhead tendencies. With a background in industrial and transportation design, he relishes any opportunity to design something fast.

Steven Bockmann

Lead Industrial Designer

Karen has nine years of experience creating graphics and branding at Laut Design. When she’s not drooling over logo design, you can find her crocheting or spending time on the lake with her family.

Karen Widman

Senior Graphic Designer

Chris is a strategic designer and problem solver with a strong focus on branding. When he’s not designing you might find him cooking with his fam or geeking out over the latest superhero flick.

Chris Corridore

Senior Graphic Designer

Marty is a well-rounded senior industrial designer who has both international corporate and consultancy work experience. He believes design is like cooking; delivering the right thing to the right customer at the right time.

Marty Ma

Senior Industrial Designer

Prasad loves creative problem solving and designing meaningful products. He has a background in mechanical engineering, and in his free time, he is most likely to be found somewhere in the mountains!

Prasad Joshi

Senior Industrial Designer

Darren is a passionate designer who enjoys challenges and exploring creative ways to solve them. When he is not designing, he enjoys spending time with his wife, hiking through nature with his dog, staying active, and being wherever fun things are happening.

Darren Costelloe

Staff Industrial Designer

Jordan is a Web Specialist with a BA in Computer Science from UNCW and a certificate in Digital Marketing from UNC. He enjoys the challenge of merging optimized code and effortless user experiences.

Jordan Smith

Staff Web Specialist

Logan is a creative problem solver and designer. He enjoys taking on challenges and is often looking for new and exciting ways to express his creativity. In his free time, he enjoys being with his wife, reading, and hiking.

Logan Price

Junior Industrial Designer

Akshay Bharati

Industrial Design Intern

When not wrenching on something old and rusty, Mark is collecting antiques for friends or inventing new shop tools. If it were healthy to have a weekly tetanus shot, our fabricator extraordinaire would be first in line.

Mark Hill

Fabricator / Director of Rad

Administration Team

Mike is a designer and fabricator, professor, and entrepreneur. His expertise is focused on defense, medical, and consumer devices and brands, building creative teams, and other entrepreneurial activity.

Mike Laut

Founder & CEO

Crystal focuses on our client relationships and helps assess any new project needs. Her expertise is in product design and development. Outside the office, you can find her gardening, painting, or squeezing in a quick trip to the beach with her husband and two sons.

Crystal Holloway

Business Development Manager

Jessie provides detail focused project support for both teams. She has a BFA in studio art and photography from ECU and experience in graphic printing. When she is not at Laut, you can find her on adventures with her husband and dog.

Jessie Cox

Project Support Lead

Sonja enjoys strategic thinking. Her background is in education and design thinking. When not managing projects, Sonja can be found outside with her family or discovering new craft skills and recipes

Sonja McKay

Project Coordinator

Harold is experienced in many areas of Accounting and Finance. With degrees from NC State and love for anything “Wolfpack”, Harold enjoys attending NCSU Sporting Events. Otherwise when not working, he can be found Saltwater Fishing or spending time with Family.

Harold Wall

Financial Controller

  • Guest Reception
  • Asset Retrieval
  • Janitorial Services

Opal Laut

Studio Dog