Manna Coffee Tumbler

The goal for this project was to create a next-generation hot/cold drink tumbler for everyday use.

Our tumbler design features a sliding push-button that allows the user to easily toggle between the appropriate flow rate for hot or cold beverages. We also ensured that the internal parts can be quickly disassembled for dishwasher-safe cleaning.

Our team was responsible for market segmentation, new feature ideation, mechanical engineering and functional CAD modeling, as well as fine-tuning the haptics of the user’s interaction. We then validated the product’s mechanisms and aesthetics through iterative prototyping.

CM80H Rebreather

SPO approached our team with a core technology established for special forces operators conducting breaching and other mission-focused work in caustic and corrosive environments.

Our approach included design measures intended to mitigate snag hazards, excess weight, physical bulk, and other ergonomic factors.

We began with conceptual ideation for potential features and construction methods and quickly moved into block diagrammatic CAD. This informed our general build volume which we then surfaced with a streamlined two-part enclosure mounted to a rigid backplate. We created sizing and ergonomic validation models, and eventually five fully functional prototype units for testing and demonstration.

Brand Evolution and Site Design

Triangle Rock Club approached Laut Design with an interest in refreshing their overall brand while staying true to its original roots.

To accomplish this, we presented an evolutionary primary logo refresh to be paired with a system of secondary brand marks. This allowed flexibility and ease of application across multiple formats. Other elements, such as visual patterns, icons, and color designations, were also created to support the new brand.

The refresh was designed to feel approachable and modern to fit the next stage of company growth as they expand into new locations and refresh their existing gyms.

PLIONYX Product and Brand Design

When Atmospheric Plasma approached us about the design of a new brand, a new device, and an upcoming event during which they hoped to launch, we dove right in. We created the Plionyx brand, the fusion of plasma + ionics, around APS’s leading-edge cold plasma surface treatment technology.

We then started user research to educate our team on how best to approach the design of their new device intended for manufacturing and production-oriented environments. Our team then supported theirs through product ideation, surface and subsurface CAD, and into the prototyping and development of their demonstration unit.

Lastly, our graphic designers developed their tradeshow booth and print marketing materials to support the launch.

Nightwave™ Ultra Low-Light Marine Camera

Nightwave is remarkable night vision technology that allows boaters to see obstacles, hazards, and debris in the water as clear as day. Nightwave can see it all — even in moonless starlight — without white light or expensive thermal spectrum cameras.

Our team was challenged with creating a streamlined housing design for the SIONYX full-color night vision camera system. The design needed to be durable, waterproof, and aesthetically appropriate for the smallest center console vessels to the world’s largest mega-yachts.

Titan Medical

Titan Medical focused on developing robotic-assisted technologies for use in single access surgery. Our team supported the development of their ENOS system through a multi-year program involving in-depth research, concept ideation for almost all aspects of the system, detailed mechanical and surface CAD modeling, physical prototyping, and comprehensive formative and summative user studies.

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