Phononic CPU Cooler

Phononic’s solid-state thermoelectric devices are a perfect fit for any environment where damaging coolants and high power consumption devices are detrimental. The high-end gaming environment is one of those. They relied on our team to design and support their team in prototyping a CPU cooler that eliminated noise and liquids, and fit within heavily populated gaming computer enclosures. We tackled the development of the device, its packaging, and their marketing material for launch into the industry.

PolyQuest™ Brand Identity System

Headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina, PolyQuest is the leading distributor of polypropylene, polystyrene, and PET resins. Through their PQRenew and PQRecycling facilities, they are on the forefront of more environmentally sensitive ways to repurpose plastics.

They needed a brand system refresh that evoked their mission and marketing collateral that clarified their service offerings.

Princeton Tec™ 2022 Brand Identity

Since 1975, Princeton Tec has been making dive equipment, adventure gear, and tactical lighting. They’re also the world’s first manufacturer to produce an LED headlamp, increasing burn time from two hours to over 40. When they challenged our team to rethink their brand identity system, we were immediately on board. Since so many of our team are adventurers and divers, this one hit close to home.

Portable Cast Aluminum Grill Design

We were tasked with designing a portable grill that is long-lasting, compact, and just plain easy. The client asked for something that could be thrown in your trunk but still feed a family.

The result is a convertible design that allows for quick cookouts on the beach or stand-up group grilling at the campsite.

Primo Water Dispenser

When Primo water decided to move away from standard private-labeled bottle dispensing, they challenged our team to define a new direction.

We began with observational research of typical user behavior and leveraged our findings to visualize a new concept that operated hands-free.

We updated their styling to match a new brand and produced several prototypes for evaluation and eventual production.

The World’s Most Advanced Jump Rope System

This isn’t your gym class jump rope. When Crossrope set out to make the best jump rope system ever built, they trusted our team to further their concept of interchangeable weighted ropes and ergonomic handles into a full fitness system. Pick up your handles, choose your rope weight, connect to their workout app, and join the fun with a community of folks who have opted for an engaging escape from the gym.

We helped the team at Crossrope design their branding, product line, website, fitness app, packaging, and most anything else the brand touches.

3D Tomosynthesis Imaging Device

3D-Tomosynthesis is a groundbreaking intraoral imaging technology that produces far more detail for oral surgeons and dentists than legacy x-ray equipment.

When Surround Medical launched their Portray brand, they relied on our industrial design team to give form to a new category of medical device that needed to be approachable, cleanable, and right at home in clinical and surgical environments.

Autofill Syringe for Buffered Anesthetic

We designed the Anutra syringe and autofill system to deliver buffered lidocaine and articaine to dental patients safely and reliably.

Haptic and audible feedback, makes it easier for dentists to feel and hear a light “click” at each milliliter increment, improving accuracy of dosing and speed of drug administration.

Sunbrella Product Display

We were delighted to partner with Sunbrella, the flagship brand of Glen Raven, a NC-based company with a family-owned history of almost 140 years. Sunbrella supplies durable, easy to clean, and beautiful fabric products for the home and marine environments. We designed and prototyped two unique retail displays: One to showcase premium drapes and household window treatments, and the other for cleaning solutions specific to the Sunbrella material.

AMP Connected Handles

Crossrope wanted to level up their fitness jump rope experience with a more reliable connection between their bearing-enabled handles and their accompanying mobile application. Laut Design was excited to help them take this leap in creating new product and packaging concepts that could bolster and advance the established look and feel of the Crossrope brand.

The physical design of the handles focused on maintaining ergonomics while implementing clear visual indicators of connected technology. The understated endcap of the AMP handle contains an LED button to communicate connection status, without distracting the user with excess light noise or affecting the feel in the user’s hand.

The graphical pattern created for these handles was influenced by our previous design for their standard handle grip texture. The packaging was designed to be eye-catching and appeal to everyone’s inner technophile. The bold lightning bolt graphic quickly communicates the power the new AMP handle introduces to the fitness jump rope market.

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