Daniel Defense Flip Up Iron Sights

We designed Daniel Defense’s Back-Up Iron Sights (BUIS) system to be a low-profile quick-deploy solution that delivers clarity in sight picture and no fuss for the operator. A windage adjustable rear sight and elevation adjustable front sight require no tools to dial in. The BUIS system fits all picatinny rail mounting applications, including rail-height gas blocks.

Christensen Arms Catalog

Christensen is one of the worlds foremost experts in composite firearm construction. We were asked to present their latest product offering in a booklet-style publication for trade show events, marketing efforts, and as a way to elevate the brand.

Carotid Stenotic Sensor Array

The Carotid Stenotic Scan (CSS) is a diagnostic tool designed to detect and measure carotid narrowing for the purpose of identifying patients at risk for Ischemic Stroke. The device is non-emissive, non-invasive, does not require a certified technician, and testing can be conducted in only a few minutes.

Our industrial and graphic design teams collaborated to improve the usability and aesthetic of the sensory array, device dock and transport cart, and the graphic user interface.

NCAA™ Sports Timing System

Our team was challenged by the official timekeeper for the NCAA to design a next-generation handheld timer for competitive events.

Our team created an updated aesthetic, new ergonomic archetype, and a sealed high-durability enclosure for aquatic environments.

iON™ Surgical Positioning System

The iON standardizes arm adduction processes, providing full support and ready anesthesia access and protection to IV’s, SPO2 probes, and invasive/non-invasive blood pressure monitoring.

In the case of an obese patient, the device provides secure retention of the arms in order to eliminate the risk of unintended positional changes during transport and critical procedures.

Sea-90™ Fertilizer Family Brand Identity

Sea-90 is a nutrient-dense range of products that uses minerals and trace elements found in sea salt that farmers can use to feed livestock, soil, and crops.

Laut Design was tasked with updating the Sea-90 logo, identity, and packaging to create an updated look and feel for a competitive edge.

SKYE™ Portable Air Purifier & Brand Identity System

The objectives of this project include creating a connected, portable, home air purifier that leverages Field Controls’ expertise and experience in the HVAC industry. In addition to designing a new air purifier, we were asked to rebrand their Air Health Brand. They wanted a brand refresh that would pair nicely with their newer air purifier and future products.

We used cool grays and blues in the logo to evoke a feeling of airiness and comfort. In the plus sign, we explored the negative space between the two blues to resemble a light breeze. The edges of the mark are curved to mimic the blades of a fan.

Modern Mailboxes Inspired by Mid-Century Design

With an entrepreneurial spirit (from starting a coffeehouse and renovating homes), a background in finance, and a love for good design, Greg Kelly started modbox USA. The result? A retro mid-century modern mailbox inspired by mailboxes produced during the 1950s and 60s.

Our team of mid-century modern design enthusiasts was enlisted to adapt the original modbox aesthetic to a curbside and wall-mounted lockable version.

Highwoods Interior Design

Highwoods challenged our team to ideate, fabricate, and install something truly unique and on-brand for the ceilings in their new corporate headquarters. Suspended from the ceilings of two levels of one of the highest skyscrapers in downtown Raleigh now hang more than 8000lbs of multi-layered cast acrylic panels that combine to create an instant impression for their visitors.

Handcrafted elements like a detailed wood-cut city map entryway sign and hand-stitched suede leather banquette panels added a unique touch to their space and send a message to guests that they are working with a team that cares about the details.

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