Industrial Design Project Manager
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 are imagined, made, and experienced.

Our Core Values

Engage Early | quickly respond, learn, and adapt to keep creativity flowing.

Be Honestly Human | build relationships because partners are better than clients.

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Accept Challenge | seek variety that fosters new ideas.

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Position: Industrial Design Project Manager

Laut Design is seeking an experienced project manager interested in working in a highly creative environment. This position manages the logistical details, project administration, and client communication on our Industrial Design team’s work output. The primary goal of the IDPM position is consistent, successful delivery of our team’s creative work to drive a high level of productivity and departmental growth. This position provides management oversight on all team activity and output, ensuring that work is planned and executed properly, and is befitting the project requirements, budget, schedule, and internal team workload.

Required Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 5+ years work experience in project management. Experience in a design firm or creative industry highly desired.


  • This position reports to our COO, and is accountable to that person for on-time, consistent delivery of project success and client satisfaction.
  • Any issues arising from deliverables, scheduling or client information management are ultimately the responsibility of the IDPM.
  • This position requires total clarity on our company’s core values and culture, exemplary leadership, and project-level organization.
  • This role will result in a cohesive team effort, growth within our market sector, and client delight.
  • An ecstatic client base, profitable project history, and a highly organized and accountable group will allow our firm to continue to grow your team.


  • Experience planning and managing complex projects
  • Outstanding organizational habits and abilities
  • Proven project execution and successful client account management
  • Mastery of project management software and other digital tools of the trade
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to motivate a team to do their best work
  • Aptitude in on-the-fly decision-making and problem-solving
  • Experience working with industrial design workflows and typical project requirements preferred
  • Willingness to decipher trade terminology and translate it into big picture decision-making
  • Travel on an occasional basis may be required

About the Job:

  • Full-time salaried pay
  • Health Insurance
  • 401K Retirement
  • Travel Opportunity

Application Details:

We require submission of your résumé, references, and cover letter.
Please send your cover letter and résumé to [email protected].


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“Only work with people you’d invite to your home for a meal.” – Garth Walker


Our creative team comes from diverse backgrounds,

with a sum greater than its parts.

Primary User Research

An understanding of ergonomics, anthropometrics, documentation, and analysis

Consumer-Facing Design

Making products safe, comfortable, durable, reliable, a pleasure to use

Material Science

A wealth of knowledge of material types, manipulation processes, machinery, tools, and finishing techniques

Trend Setters

Redefining what customers expect from a brand experience

Marketing Strategists

Knowing how to reach your customer, and what to promise them

Constant Critique

Following the success of projects, far after they’re completed