A Dreamer's Dream Job

Our team members are multi-talented experts at creatively solving problems. The variety in our work, which is second to none, is driven by what each individual brings to our team: their passions, hobbies, and obsessions — a recipe for work that is, above all else, purely creative. 

Too fun to only be considered work. We love this stuff.

A Culture of Makers

Our team arrives every day to do imaginative, creative work that also defines each of us as individuals.

We take personal pride in ending each day knowing we created something that did not exist that morning.

How about you?

Open Positions

Get creative with your career and find your fit:

General Inquiries

Don’t see your role available but know you’d fit in? We are always looking for talented industrial designers, graphic designers, UI/UX designers, and mechanical engineers. Please send your resume, references, and samples of your creative process to jobs@lautdesign.com.


There are no current jobs open on our design team. However, we are always looking for talented people. Please follow the general inquiry steps and we will do our best to reach out.


There are currently no jobs open on our operations team. However, we are always on the lookout for talented team members. Please follow the general inquiry steps below and we will reach out if we have a great fit for you.

Our Values

Elevate Each Other

People first

Be Authentic

Create from your core

Never Settle

Own your impact

Stay Curious

Explore with purpose

Pride in Process

Passion for the craft

Benefits and Perks

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