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What do I need to submit?

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Your portfolio

Portfolio submissions should be a clickable link, or an attached PDF document less than 20MB.

Please email these items to [email protected].

“We love to see process work.
Beautiful results that are supported with great explanations on how you arrived there and why decisions were made. This means research, planning, and definitely sketches.”

– Karen Widman, VP Graphics + Branding

Why haven't I heard back?

We’re very fortunate to receive dozens of requests to join our team each week. While we do our absolute best to respond to every message, it is sometimes not possible to engage in conversation with non-qualified candidates.

Stay at it!

Sharpen your skills, refine your presentation, and please feel free to resubmit your updated work in the future!

What we look for


Candidates will have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree in a creative or technical field.


A degree in industrial or graphic design is usually a great start.


Your talents matter. Your football program doesn’t.


While we do not require a specific amount of prior experience, it is highly recommended.  Previous experiences usually carry with them a broader range of tested skills, proven processes, and great stories of success and failure.


Tell us what worked, and what you learned from what didn’t.


  • Exceptional ideation and visualization
  • Industry software, hardware, and workflow
  • Seamless cooperation with our creative teams
  • Consistent creative thinking and execution
  • Dependable work ethic
  • Fit well in a culture of makers and doers.


What will you contribute to our teams?