We help introduce brands,
and keep them important.

“Only work with people you’d invite to your home for a meal.” – Garth Walker


The steps we take through our projects define their success.

Product Design

  • User Research

  • Ideation

  • CAD Modeling

  • Prototyping

Brand Design

  • Trend Research

  • Concept Development

  • Strategy Refinement

  • Identity Creation


Our creative team comes from diverse backgrounds,

with a sum greater than its parts.

Primary User Research

An understanding of ergonomics, anthropometrics, documentation, and analysis

Consumer-Facing Design

Making products safe, comfortable, durable, reliable, a pleasure to use

Material Science

A wealth of knowledge of material types, manipulation processes, machinery, tools, and finishing techniques

Trend Setters

Redefining what customers expect from a brand experience

Marketing Strategists

Knowing how to reach your customer, and what to promise them

Constant Critique

Following the success of projects, far after they’re completed