Carotid Stenotic Sensor Array

The Carotid Stenotic Scan (CSS) is a diagnostic tool designed to detect and measure carotid narrowing for the purpose of identifying patients at risk for Ischemic Stroke. The device is non-emissive, non-invasive, does not require a certified technician, and testing can be conducted in only a few minutes.

Our industrial and graphic design teams collaborated to improve the usability and aesthetic of the sensory array, device dock and transport cart, and the graphic user interface.

NCAA™ Sports Timing System

Our team was challenged by the official timekeeper for the NCAA to design a next-generation handheld timer for competitive events.

Our team created an updated aesthetic, new ergonomic archetype, and a sealed high-durability enclosure for aquatic environments.

LiPo Vehicle Jumpstarters

Our team helped Matco Tools™ design a versatile and reliable vehicle jump starter and device charging system intended for maximum portability and safety.

Intended for use in the harshest of conditions, the product line required consideration of several usability factors including visibility, ergonomics, and durability.

Offset Surveying Device

Heavy brush, creek beds, and existing structures all pose a problem for surveyors trying to measure accurate point-to-point distances. The offset assist device automatically calculates the distance between a desired datum point and where a surveyor can physically stand.

Our team integrated internal board-level components and laser-based optics into a durable housing that displays information via a high-visibility e-ink display. Our UI/UX team developed the methods by which an operator can quickly and repeatably gather accurate results in the field.

Pepsi Touch™ Beverage Dispenser

This project involved extensive primary user research of habits and behaviors while purchasing, dispensing, and transporting beverages. We also considered external environmental factors such as interior lighting, cleanliness, traffic flow, universal design, and ADA compliance.

DePalo Foods™ Online Presence

DePalo creates artisan-quality, ready-to-eat Italian foods found in supermarkets all over the country.

Looking for a brand refresh, DePalo teamed up with our team to design a new website so that they could clearly communicate to customers and distributors alike the pride and tradition they incorporate into everything they make.

…And to share some recipes, too.

ProccessMaker Branding

Whether you’re optimizing an assembly line or documenting a chemical reaction, Processmaker’s software helps model, streamline, and share those steps with your team.

Our team helped map their competitive landscape and develop a brand overhaul that included a new logo, iconography, narrative storyboards, and other visuals.

The World’s Most Advanced Jump Rope System

This isn’t your gym class jump rope. When Crossrope set out to make the best jump rope system ever built, they trusted our team to further their concept of interchangeable weighted ropes and ergonomic handles into a full fitness system. Pick up your handles, choose your rope weight, connect to their workout app, and join the fun with a community of folks who have opted for an engaging escape from the gym.

We helped the team at Crossrope design their branding, product line, website, fitness app, packaging, and most anything else the brand touches.