Offset Surveying Device

Heavy brush, creek beds, and existing structures all pose a problem for surveyors trying to measure accurate point-to-point distances. The offset assist device automatically calculates the distance between a desired datum point and where a surveyor can physically stand.

Our team integrated internal board-level components and laser-based optics into a durable housing that displays information via a high-visibility e-ink display. Our UI/UX team developed the methods by which an operator can quickly and repeatably gather accurate results in the field.

Pepsi Touch™ Beverage Dispenser

This project involved extensive primary user research of habits and behaviors while purchasing, dispensing, and transporting beverages. We also considered external environmental factors such as interior lighting, cleanliness, traffic flow, universal design, and ADA compliance.

NCAA™ Sports Timing System

Our team was challenged by the official timekeeper for the NCAA to design a next-generation handheld timer for competitive events.

Our team created an updated aesthetic, new ergonomic archetype, and a sealed high-durability enclosure for aquatic environments.

SKYE™ Portable Air Purifier & Brand Identity System

The objectives of this project include creating a connected, portable, home air purifier that leverages Field Controls’ expertise and experience in the HVAC industry. In addition to designing a new air purifier, we were asked to rebrand their Air Health Brand. They wanted a brand refresh that would pair nicely with their newer air purifier and future products.

We used cool grays and blues in the logo to evoke a feeling of airiness and comfort. In the plus sign, we explored the negative space between the two blues to resemble a light breeze. The edges of the mark are curved to mimic the blades of a fan.

Phononic CPU Cooler

Phononic’s solid-state thermoelectric devices are a perfect fit for any environment where damaging coolants and high power consumption devices are detrimental. The high-end gaming environment is one of those. They relied on our team to design and support their team in prototyping a CPU cooler that eliminated noise and liquids, and fit within heavily populated gaming computer enclosures. We tackled the development of the device, its packaging, and their marketing material for launch into the industry.

Primo Water Dispenser

When Primo water decided to move away from standard private-labeled bottle dispensing, they challenged our team to define a new direction.

We began with observational research of typical user behavior and leveraged our findings to visualize a new concept that operated hands-free.

We updated their styling to match a new brand and produced several prototypes for evaluation and eventual production.