The Haymaker

Our friends at Eschelon Experiences tasked us with naming and branding their newest concept in downtown Raleigh, NC.

We developed “The Haymaker” after their unique concept focused on communal punch bowls for the table. This old-world term and the stylistic decisions within the space meant one thing for our brand team: hand-drawn everything.

The logomark, menu graphics, and embellishments are all pen-on-paper original artwork.

Via WRAL News – Raleigh, NC:

“Tucked behind an alley off of Fayetteville Street, The Haymaker is a little off the beaten path.

When you stumble upon this hidden gem, you will find a perfect combination of downtown frenzy mixed with neighborhood watering hole vibes.

Haymaker is a boxing term, meaning “a powerful hit,” but the environment isn’t as rigid as the name. A huge floral wall is the first place you look upon entering.”

“It’s gorgeous, it’s inviting and it’s different.”