Burt’s Bees Holiday Gift Sets

We collaborated with Burt’s Bees, the market leader in sustainably sourced organic cosmetics, lip balms, and other self-care products, to design a set of holiday-oriented collections for sale at major retailers.

The Haymaker

Our friends at Eschelon Experiences tasked us with naming and branding their newest concept in downtown Raleigh, NC.

We developed “The Haymaker” after their unique concept focused on communal punch bowls for the table. This old-world term and the stylistic decisions within the space meant one thing for our brand team: hand-drawn everything.

The logomark, menu graphics, and embellishments are all pen-on-paper original artwork.

Via WRAL News – Raleigh, NC:

“Tucked behind an alley off of Fayetteville Street, The Haymaker is a little off the beaten path.

When you stumble upon this hidden gem, you will find a perfect combination of downtown frenzy mixed with neighborhood watering hole vibes.

Haymaker is a boxing term, meaning “a powerful hit,” but the environment isn’t as rigid as the name. A huge floral wall is the first place you look upon entering.”

“It’s gorgeous, it’s inviting and it’s different.”

Pepsi Touch™ Beverage Dispenser

This project involved extensive primary user research of habits and behaviors while purchasing, dispensing, and transporting beverages. We also considered external environmental factors such as interior lighting, cleanliness, traffic flow, universal design, and ADA compliance.

DePalo Foods™ Online Presence

DePalo creates artisan-quality, ready-to-eat Italian foods found in supermarkets all over the country.

Looking for a brand refresh, DePalo teamed up with our team to design a new website so that they could clearly communicate to customers and distributors alike the pride and tradition they incorporate into everything they make.

…And to share some recipes, too.

The World’s Most Advanced Grease Interception System

Render of Schier GB1000

Maybe you’ve never heard of Schier. Odds are great, though, that you’ve walked over the top of one of their grease interceptors — probably today.

Schier is the leading manufacturer of high-capacity grease interceptors for commercial kitchens all over the world. Aside from numerous environmental benefits, their USA-made rotationally molded tanks keep grease out of municipal plumbing systems and avoid expensive maintenance for restaurant owners. They’re also the type of people you dream of collaborating with.

Our team was asked to brand their entire line of Great Basin® interceptors. Deliverables included a refreshed website, product branding and labeling, high-end product renderings, a launch video, and technical animations.