Ryker™ Rifle Grip

Ryker USA came to us with new thinking around the decades old concept of how to best stabilize and reacquire a target with a long weapon. We helped design the Ryker Grip™ with the operator’s natural hand mechanics as the guiding principle.

Testing has proven quicker sight alignment, more efficient lateral control, and a more secure weapon retention method. We also had the opportunity to establish a new brand for a very specific market.

Our team then built consumer-facing packaging and an interactive website that showcases their product, and explains its advantage over traditional products in its category.

Internal Frame Load-Bearing Armor System

Consider the ergonomics of a universal plate carrier fit for male and female special forces operators. This internal frame system allows telescoping spinal length which accommodates an immense range of body types, and infinitely adapts to the user’s preferred level of support.